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QSun | Sun Safety Solution | 2017

Sun protection is crucial for healthy skin, but it hinders bodily production of vitamin D; approximately 10% of American adults are vitamin D deficient. Stemming from QTemp, QSun tracks sun exposure and lets users know when and how to seek sun protection, including how long they can stay outside before developing a sunburn, and how much sunscreen to apply. QSun also tracks vitamin D and physical activity to promote overall health and wellness. Currently in development, QSun will be available for pre-order by the end of 2017. The companion app is currently available for iOS and Android, and works without a QSun wearable.

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QTemp™ | Sun Safety Wearable | 2016

1 in 7 Canadians and 1 in 5 Americans develop skin cancer, mostly due to preventable overexposure to the sun. The QTemp wearable measures real-time UV index and ambient temperature, while the companion app lets users know for how long they can stay outside before developing a sunburn based on their skin type and environmental situation. QTemp was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2015, and exceeded its funding goal by 25%. QTemp is the predecessor to QSun, which is currently in development.

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OTC Model | Urban Bioclimatic Analysis | 2015

OTC Model is a simulation software for analyzing urban climate. It helps researchers and designers analyze the effect that urban design has on thermal comfort.

AccuFeel | An Accurate “Feels Like” Temperature | 2015

The AccuFeel index is a personalized scale that describes what the temperature feels like. It takes human factors, meteorological parameters, and urban elements into account.