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Head of Management

Neda Ghazi

Dr. Neda Ghazi

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Neda Ghazi leads the Comfable team, using her experience and extensive knowledge in sustainable design to grow the company. She has extensive experience in sustainable design to create stimulating, healthy and resource-efficient products.

Ali Monam

Dr. Ali Monam

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Ali Monam combines his expertise in sustainable design with his passion for smart gadgets to lead the technical team. His passion for innovation, technology, and strategy in comfort and energy-efficient products is what drives him to continuously improve products.

Our Valuable Team Members

Taehoon Kim

Taehoon Kim, B.S.

App Developer

Taehoon is an app developer with extensive skills. He likes to learn and explore new software as well as to use them as his tools for better development. His creativity leads him to be self-motivated and passionate about his works.

Mike Xie

Mike Xie, M.S., BASc

Electronics Designer

Michael is an electronics designer with expertise in PCB design and prototyping. He enjoys solving problems involving both hardware and software. He is very passionate towards innovative ideas in engineering.


Justin Mai, B.S.

Marketing Coordinator

Justin is a marketer with an expertise in social media marketing. Coming from a health science background, he is passionate about health and sustainability and values creativity and collaboration.

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