Empowering people to live healthier in a greener environment.

Comfable is a dynamic and innovative tech company dedicated to promoting health, comfort, and sustainability.

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Healthcare Technology

We integrate hardware and software to address key public health concerns.

Coronavirus Live Status | 2020
Coronavirus Live Status provides real-time information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

UV Weather | Live Weather for Real Life | 2019
UV Weather helps you planning your day and keeping yourself safe in the sun.

QSun® | The First AI-Powered Wearable Sun Tracker | 2018
QSun® tracks sun exposure to balance sun safety and vitamin D production.

QTemp® | Sun Safety Wearable | 2016
QTemp® measures real-time UV index and lets users know when and how to seek sun protection. QTemp® is the predecessor to QSun, which is currently in development.

Sustainable Technology

We develop technological solutions to enhance comfort and sustainability.

SmartFridge™ | Turn any fridge into a smart fridge | 2018
SmartFridge makes personalized grocery lists, keeps your family’s food fresh, and makes meal planning simple, all by itself. SmartFridge solves the major issues of sustainability, health, and scheduling difficulties.

OTC Model | Urban Bioclimatic Analysis | 2015
OTC Model is a simulation software for analyzing urban climate. It helps researchers and designers analyze the effect that urban design has on thermal comfort.

AccuFeel | An Accurate “Feels Like” Temperature | 2015
The AccuFeel index is a personalized scale that describes what the temperature feels like. It takes human factors, meteorological parameters, and urban elements into account.

Comfable Inc.

100 College Street, Suite 308
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5G 1L5

Comfable Inc.

100 College St., Suite 308
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5G 1L5