Frontend Dev.


Powerful e-learning tools for chemistry classes and labs

Partner with chemistry educators to constantly innovate in bringing assignments, tests, and laboratory experiments online

Development Steps


Project idea

Powerful e-learning tools for chemistry classes and labs

Target audience

Teaching chemistry to large classes of students of widely different backgrounds and abilities.

Project challenges

UI/UX design from scratch and front-end development in a tight deadline.


The structure of the work was approved early on due to good communication. Development and design teams worked in tandem to deliver the project on time.




Clients had vision on:
  • Clear Scope Of Work
  • Strong knowledge of the target market and its needs


We analyzed every detail:
  • Restructured the SOW and turned it into a wireframe
  • Appropriate technology stack for frontend development


We provide clients with:
  • Created a stunning UI/UX design
  • Developed frontend using Vue.js

Main features of the project

Main features

Created different dashboards and profiles for student and faculty members

Solid data visualization in a cohesive format

Creating a responsive web design

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

The following tools were used to build The Workaround website.

Frontend Development

3rd party library

Client Say

Client Say

Dr. Jason Pearson

Founder & CEO
“Thank you and your team for your design work on such a short turn around time”


……. thousands of students are now using our platform.

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