Web Dev.

The Workaround

Parent-friendly office space with childcare

The workaround is designed with social purpose, to create a friction-free workspace for working parents.

Development Steps

The Workaround

Project idea

Create a user-friendly website that emphasis both aspects of the business, workspace and childcare.

Target audience

This service is targeted at freelancers or people who work from home offices, with a special focus on parents.

Project challenges

A UI and UX should be as simple and intuitive as possible.
Create a unique and user-friendly design.


We’ve designed a completely new UI, built by Squrespace with custom coding.




Clients had vision on:
  • Create a unique and user-friendly design
  • Using their photo library and following branding guidelines


We analyzed every detail:
  • Appropriate technology stack
  • Branding and copywriting


We provide clients with:
  • New UI design
  • A new version of Squarespace was installed on the website.
The Workaround

Main features of the project

Main features

After the planning stage, our developers started working on the UI design of the landing page to convey the main message

Making each page have its own call to action

Setting up a chatbot feature

Creating a responsive web design

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

The following tools were used to build The Workaround website.

Web Architecture

3rd party services

Client Say

Client Say

Amanda Munday

Founder & CEO
“What a stunning transformation. I’m in love. I can’t believe you got this all done in a week.”


As a result, we provided a customer with an appropriate solution that made it possible to build a service with a good-looking UI/UX and high performance.

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