2 min read . September 10, 2023

As a UI/UX designer, you’re always on the lookout for tools that can streamline your workflow, right? Well, Google Chrome extensions are like secret weapons in your design arsenal. They can help you save time, increase productivity and enhance creativity. So, which ones should you be using? Here are the top five.

1. ColorZilla: Ever found yourself captivated by a color on a webpage and wished to use it in your design? ColorZilla is here to make that wish come true. This extension allows you to pick any color from a webpage with just one click. It’s like having an eyedropper tool right in your browser!

2. WhatFont: As designers, we often stumble upon fonts that we’d love to incorporate into our designs but struggle to identify them. WhatFont solves this problem by identifying fonts on webpages instantly. No more guessing games!

3. Window Resizer: This extension is a lifesaver when designing responsive websites. It allows you to resize your browser window to emulate various screen resolutions, helping you ensure your designs look great on all devices.

4. CSS Peeper: Want to peek under the hood of beautiful websites and see what makes them tick? CSS Peeper lets you inspect CSS properties without diving into the source code – a real time-saver!

5. Page Ruler: Precision matters in design, doesn’t it? With Page Ruler, you can measure elements on any webpage accurately – ensuring pixel-perfect designs every time.

Boost Your Design Workflow with These Chrome Extensions

Now that we’ve discovered these fantastic tools let’s delve deeper into how they can boost your design workflow.

ColorZilla not only identifies colors but also generates gradients and color palettes – making it easier for you to create cohesive designs. It’s like having a color lab at your fingertips, isn’t it?

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WhatFont doesn’t just identify fonts; it also provides information about font size, line height, and color. This way, you can replicate the typography style accurately in your designs – no more approximations!

Window Resizer is not just for testing responsiveness. You can also use it to preview how your designs would look on different devices without leaving your desk – talk about convenience!

CSS Peeper is more than a CSS inspector. It also allows you to export assets from websites directly – saving you the hassle of screenshotting and cropping images.

Page Ruler isn’t just for measuring elements. You can also use it to align elements perfectly on your webpage – ensuring a clean and professional look.

These Chrome extensions are like Swiss Army knives for UI/UX designers – versatile, efficient, and indispensable. They help streamline workflows, enhance creativity and ensure precision in design work. So why wait? Give them a try today and see how they transform your design process! After all, as Steve Jobs once said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” And with these tools at hand, making designs that work beautifully has never been easier!

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